8. Task 5.4 - create a team (academic)

Essential guide

It is recommended that you read the essential guide prior to completing the task.

Team guide

Teams are manually managed groups of people. They can be used to represent organisational structure, research teams, or any other ad-hoc grouping.

It is recommended to create people pages first, and then create the teams to assign them to.

Step 1

In the administration menu, go to Content > Add content > Team.

Add content team page

Step 2

The edit screen displays.

  1. Title - Page title
  2. Description - Optional. DescibDescribeseam's role, purpose, etc.

team create page

  1. Members - Multiple groups of people can be added to a team.
    • Description - Optional. Describes the title, role, function of these members in the team.
    • Members - Entity reference to each Person node. Order is set manually by dragging.

Add team members

  1. Staff group - Optional. Categorise the Team to allow sorting/filtering on listing pages such as the Staff Directory.
  2. Email - Optional. General contact email for the team. e.g. team-name@org.uq.edu.au
  3. Phone - Optional. General team phone number.
  4. Location - Optional. Physical location of the team if they are accessible publicly.
  5. Tags - Click the dropdown arrow to select a tag from the list of vocabularies and their terms to categorise the content.

Team Training Staff Grouping and tags image

Task instructions

You can save your unpublished team content type at any time by clicking Save.

  • Refer to the Team guide, if required.
  • Follow the numbered actions below, to create a team content type.

1. Team title field
Enter a team name

Team title

2. Description field
Leave blank

3. Add members (1)
Description - Leave blank
Add the academic you created.
Add either Dr Cai He or Professor Noelle Prel

add members