1. Learning outcomes

    At the end of the UQ Standard overview video you will be able to:

    1. List the key features of UQ Standard.
    2. Recall the functionality of selected components.
    3. Identify the purpose of different content types.
    4. Explain the relationship between the panel page, components and section pane style.
    5. Explain the relationship between panel pages, content types and taxonomy.

    At the end of the Accessibility and usability video you will be able to:

    1. Recognise that our users have varying abilities and disabilities.
    2. Recognise that web accessibility benefits people with slow internet connection or those impacted by changing abilities due to aging.
    3. Recognise a need to promote inclusion rather than perpetuate exclusion.
    4. Access tools and information to improve accessibility and usability.

    At the end of the login to UQ Drupal video you will be able to: 

    1. Log in to your drupal website.
    2. Determine whether you have the permission to edit the website.
    3. Identify the various links in the administration menu.