Before starting the course, make sure you have followed the process to register.

1. Introduction

The self-paced online training has been designed to provide you with a structured programme to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in using the UQ Drupal content management system.

For maximum benefit, the topics should be completed in sequence because the course has been designed to build on knowledge and skills gained in preceding topics

The UQ Drupal Fundamentals course will:

  • provide you with an overview of the functionality of the UQ Drupal content management system
  • design opportunities to create and edit content according to best practice principles
  • introduce you to resources to promote website accessibility and usability
  • assist you to develop your confidence in working with UQ Drupal.

The process

  1. Before starting the course, make sure you have followed the process to register.
  2. Complete the tasks in a sandbox site, using the task instructions, guides and downloaded images and documents.
  3. Upon completion, send an email to, so that we can assess your work, provide you with additional assistance where required and record the completion of the course.

Required resources

Distraction-free time

Schedule approximately 2 hours to complete the online course. If you have been trained on a previous version of Drupal, you should be able to complete the training in less time.

Minimise distractions while performing the training so that your time will be used efficiently and effectively.

Technological resources

  • computer with preferably 2 screens.
  • earphones for listening to the videos.

Training environment

A collection of images and documents are required for the tasks and are available to download by clicking the button below.

Download images and documents for tasks