Looking to have a web page updated or built?

First-tier support is provided by faculty and institute web coordinators.

Faculty and institute web coordinators / managers

Faculty contacts

Faculty Contact name Email

Business, Economics and Law

Liam McGuigan


Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Trent Leggatt


Health and Behavioural Sciences

Alice Bopf

Loretta Porche



Humanities and Social Sciences

Jenn Radford


Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Justin Laing



Cate Mackenzie

Ho Vu



Institute contacts

Institute Contact name Email

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Siobhan Remy


Global Change Institute

Ron Hohenhaus


Institute for Social Science Research

Lucy Bryce


Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Margaret Puls and Hannah Hardy


Queensland Brain Institute

Carolyn Barry


Sustainable  Minerals Institute

Melissa Glendenning


Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Bronwyn Adams
Kate Sullivan

Institute for Continuing and TESOL Education

Wendy Kovacs


Organisational unit content coordinators

Information technology

The Service Automation team will review all update requests for new or existing IT web content.

Service Automation will liaise with the relevant subject matter experts if required and then create or make edits to the content. This is then reviewed by the ITS Digital Content team and published.

Please submit an IT request with the details of your content update. 

Request editing access to a site

Site owners or web coordinators are responsible for submitting requests for editing access.

If you want editing access to a site, please ask the relevant site owner or web coordinator to send an email to webservices@uq.edu.au.

When requesting new site editor access please include: 

  • The site URL
  • The name and UQ username of the person needing access
  • Access level (e.g. editor or site coordinator – once training is completed)
  • Who the request is approved by (must be your local web manager or unit director/manager).

Request a new website

Requests for new sites must justify the need for a new site over adding content to an existing site.

The request should outline:

  • the purpose,
  • justification,
  • benefits,
  • lifespan,
  • and timeframe.

If you are affiliated with a faculty or institute, please contact your local web coordinator or manager before requesting a new site.

If you do not have a local web coordinator, please email ITS: webservices@uq.edu.au

Request support or report a problem

If you have a support request, and your local web coordinator is unable to assist, please submit an IT request.