• Components provide specific layout and functionality for displaying content on a panel page.
  • Components are inserted in the panes of panel pages which are landing pages or entry pages within a website.
  • Panel pages are suitable for:
    • broad and shallow overview
    • providing links to further detail captured in the content types such as basic pages, structured pages and articles amongst others.

1. Instructions and learning outcomes

For this topic, you are required to complete the following tasks

  • Edit the hero banner component
  • Edit the rich text component
  • Edit the card grid component, upload images to the file browser and insert relative path links

At the end of the topic, you will be able to:

  1. Update the image and text of the hero component.
  2. Update the body field of the rich text component.
  3. Distinguish between the section pane fields (section title, section summary content, section footer content, background image) and the body field of the rich text component.
  4. Update the title, image, content, primary link and action link (title and URL) fields for the custom card paragraphs in the card grid component.
  5. Explain when to use a relative path link and the absolute path link.
  6. Identify the key factors to consider when selecting an image.