Last Quater 2015 update

9 Nov 2015

Of 450 original OCMPS sites, 125 will have been migrated by the end of 2015, 130 of varying complexity remain to be migrated and the remainder will have been decommissioned. This compares favourably to the ANU web presence program which aims to migrate 56 sites by July 2017.

However, the decommission date for the old CMS (OCMPS) has been deferred from Dec 2015 to late 2016 due to recent additions to the CMS project schedules. Schools Template 11 of 22 remaining Schools are currently working on transitioning to the School template for December 2015 completion.

Due to limited internal resources and scheduling at Schools or Faculty level, a portion of the School sites are progressing on a site-by-site basis rather than concurrent projects. These further 11 Schools are aiming for a Jan – June 2016 launch. News feed update Business requirements have been captured to enable Faculty and School sites to display news article teasers from UQ News and across Faculty and School sites in the future. School and Faculty site coordinators will be able to subscribe to news articles hosted on other sites and have the teaser (summary) appear in their news grid or list. The teaser will link directly to the source site. An implementation date of December 18 had been scheduled.