Adding an example snippet:

To add a snippet to your site you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Structure -> Administer Snippets -> Add
  2. You will then want to add the name of the snippet(on this page) into the Administrative title field 
  3. Click the source button on the text editor within the Snippet Content field.
  4. Copy and paste the code displayed on this page for your desired snippet into the Snippet Content field.
  5. Press save.
  6. Now your snippet should be addable to any page through the text editor option add snippet.

Here is a list of snippets that can be used on your site by adding them through the above method.

1. Primary Items

Primary Item styling.

This is used for the primary action of the page. Typically this should only be used once per page, as additional uses of it will result in diluting the importance of the primary action.

Primary Item - Download

<a class="action-item action-item--primary" href="{file}" target="_blank"><span class="action-item__icon icon icon-download"> </span>{downloadtext}</a>

Primary Item - Email

<a class="action-item action-item--primary action-item--email" href="mailto:{emailaddress}">{emailaddresstext}</a>

Primary Item - Phone

334 31063
<span class="action-item action-item--phone action-item--primary">{threenumberextension} <strong>{internalnumber}</strong></span>

Primary Item - Location

<a class="action-item action-item--primary" href="{locationlink}" target="_blank" title="Google Map"><span class="action-item__icon icon icon-map-marker"></span>{locationtext}</a>

Primary Item - Project

<a class="action-item action-item--primary" href="{websitelink}"><span class="action-item__icon icon icon-line-chart"></span>{websitetext}</a>

Primary Item - Website

<a class="action-item action-item--primary" href="{websitelink}"><span class="action-item__icon icon icon-globe"></span>{websitetext}</a>

Primary Item - Twitter

<a class="action-item action-item--primary" href="{twitterlink}" target="_blank"><span class="action-item__icon icon icon-twitter"></span>{textlink}</a>

Primary Item - Facebook

<a class="action-item action-item--primary" href="{fblink}" target="_blank"><span class="action-item__icon icon icon-facebook"></span>{textlink}</a>