Before starting the course, make sure you have successfully completed UQ Drupal Fundamentals training.

UQ Drupal Site Builder is an advanced role only available to individuals who are required to make advanced technical changes and updates to their website.

This self-paced online training course has been designed to provide you with a structured programme to develop advanced knowledge and skills using the UQ Drupal content management system. 

Course Objective

This course will enable participants to:

  1. Create panel pages
  2. Create mini panels
  3. Add components to panel pages and mini panels
  4. Add views.

This training can be undertaken at a time and date of your convenience. You must complete all the training exercises in the course to pass the assessment.


This course has mandatory enrolment requirements. Please ensure all the requirements noted below are met before enrolling for the course.

  • Must have successfully completed UQ Drupal Fundamentals training course.
  • Your role provides expert centralised web services to your faculty, institute or division
  • Must have working knowledge of UX design, page layout, and a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Must have approval from Website Approver/HOS/IT Manager to undertake the Site Builder Training
  • Must have Web Services approval

Please contact Web Services for further information about prerequisites.

Required Resources

You will need the following resources to commence the training.

  • Schedule approximately 3 hours to complete the online course.
  • Access to a computer with preferably 2 screens; earphones for listening to the video. 
  • UQ Drupal sandbox to complete the Site Builder Online Training (instructions will be sent on approval to undertake the training)
  • UQ Drupal site builder resources zip file. Download and save the images as they are required for the training exercises.
  • UQ Drupal Site Builder Training Manual.  This manual has exercises that you need to complete. All exercises must by successfully completed to achieve competency in this course.
  • Web Publishing website guides

Currently Site Builder training is provided on a case-by-case basis and approved by Web Services.

Please register to undertake the training or contact Web Services for further information.

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