Before starting the course, make sure you have followed the process to register.

3. Instruction formating

  1. The guides for the UQ Drupal Fundamentals course display in a single webpage, Guides for UQ Drupal Fundamentals training, which opens in a new window because you may need to view them alongside the task instructions. See the screen shot below.
    1. Links to guides on the page
    2. Task heading and links to guides on the page
    3. Click to expand accordion to display guide
    4. Direct link to the guide on the website to access all tabs
    5. Back to top to return to the top of the page.

Guides for UQ Drupal fundamentals

The example below shows the use of the icon before the guide name indicating the guide will open in a new window.
Guides for UQ Drupal Fundamentals training

  1. Italics is used for the field names, e.g. title
  2. Shaded text is used for:
    • text to type into a field, e.g. Accessibility in practice
    • content to select from link fields e.g. select Article 1 for related content
  3. Normal text is used for instruction, e.g. format the exercise text 
  4. The following is an example of a question that is posed to stimulate your thinking around the topic at hand. You are not required to submit an answer to the question for assessment.
    Which factors do you consider / or would you consider when selecting an image to upload to the website?
  5. The following is an example of a critical point to remember

    Always use a relative path link when linking to content on the local website (your website).