Before starting the course, make sure you have followed the process to register.

2. How it works

The topic

Each of the topics consists of 1 or more tasks to achieve the learning outcomes and to demonstrate variations in display of published content where applicable.

The layout of each topic is as follows:

  1. Instructions and learning outcomes
  2. Tasks
  3. Reviews of the tasks

On the last page of each topic there are 2 buttons - the one on the left will take you to the previous task and the one on the right will take you to the next task.  See example below.

example of the training footer

The task

To complete each task you will need to do the following:

  1. Read the guide/s associated with the task.
  2. Read the list of steps in the task.
  3. Perform the steps in the sandbox site.

The review

  1. Following each task, there is a review page which consists of an exemplar of the completed task along with additional explanations for decisions taken, where appropriate.  This provides an opportunity for you to get immediate feedback.
  2. Compare your work with the exemplar and make corrections to your work where required.

At the end

After completing all the tasks, a member of the ITS team will review your website to determine whether you have demonstrated achievement of the learning outcomes and therefore competence to use the UQ Drupal content management system.

Where required, you will be provided with feedback to support your practice in creating, editing and publishing content.