The structured page, along with the basic page will form the majority of general content pages on your site.  The structured page offers a few multiple view display options. It is suitable for

  • a single topic
  • content that may exceed 2 A4 pages 
  • content that can be logically separated into sections and displayed in one of the followng ways, some of which allow content to be hidden until expanded:
    • tabs
      tabular display of three paragraphs
    • accordion
      accordion display of three paragraphs
    • step by step or
      step-by-step display of three paragraphs
    • table of contents
      table display of three paragraphs

3. Review

 Compare your structured page with the following:

  1. Published structured page
  2. Component display on Training page 2 - view: vertical content list:teaser

Published structured page

The numbered information that follows refers to the image below.

  1. Introduction field of the structured page.  It is optional to complete this field.  It appears above the paragraphs of the structured page
  2. Links to different paragraphs on the structure page.
  3. The paragraph title and body field of each of the paragraphs are displayed in the order that the paragraphs were created and saved.
  4. Each of the paragraphs has it's own edit cog so that the specific paragraph can be updated with opening the entire structured page.

full structured page

Component display on Training page 2 - view: vertical content list: teaser

Purpose:  to show you what happens if you tag your content with sample structured page.
if content is tagged with sample structured page, it will appear in the View: vertical content list: teaser for Structured Pages.
if you added a teaser image to your structured page, the teaser image will be displayed along with the hyperlinked title and summary for your structured page.

number 1The structured page, Website planning, was published.

  • the teaser for the structured page appears in the vertical content list: teaser because the tag - sample structured page was added.
  • image does not display because a teaser image was not added. 

Structured page in the teaser view

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