Create model landing pages

In preparation for creating the main landing page for the website, use the following resources to assist in developing model or sample landing pages.


Component list

Purpose: Summary of components and the best use of the components.


Download Component Selection Tool 

Purpose: A PowerPoint document has been created to assist with visually manipulating the location of individual components on the front page and other landing pages which are part of the top level navigation for your website.

How to use the tool

Copy the components you are interested in from slides 4-13 and then paste and position the components in the order that you would like them to be displayed on the front page and other landing pages.

Powerpoint consists of:

Slides 4-13 are the available components and style

Slide 14 is an example of placement of the components

Slides 15-17 are some practice areas for creating your front page and other landing pages.  Feel free to copy and create more landing pages to play with.