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mini panel in panel page
Example of a mini panel inside a panel page layout

Mini panels are nested panels layouts inside a Panels page. They allow another grid layout to be used within the layout of the the parent page. For instance a 2 column mini panel can be placed in a single column page layout.

1. Creating a mini panel

Step 1

In the administration menu, go to Structure > Mini panels > Add.

Add mini panel menu selection

Step 2

Complete the numbered items and click continue to move to Context.

  1. Administrative title - Identifying label for the mini panel.
    Tip: Use a naming convention to easily tell them apart. e.g. MP: Home: Social media
  2. Administrative description - Optional. If the title is not obvious, provide further detail of the purpose of this mini panel.
  3. Category - The group your custom components and mini panels will list
    Tip: Use your Org Unit abbreviation (e.g. ITS) to group all your reusable components and mini panels.

fields 1 to 3

Click Continue to move to context.

Step 3

99% of the time contexts are not required. Click Continue to move to layout

click next

Step 4

Select a UQ layout type from Category drop-down. Mini panels most commonly use UQ Components.

Choose a layout

Step 5

Choose the desired layout and click Continue to move to Content

Select layout

Step 6

It is recommended to click Finish to save the mini panel before adding content to the regions to ensure you don't lose any progress.

Click finish