This functionality requires a Site Administrator to enable some features.

This functionality requires Site Builder permissions.

Instafilter is a JavaScript search field that filters content on the page to ones that match keywords typed. It requires you to add a class around the content to be filtered, and a class to each content item which can be filtered.

Keywords are only matched to those which exist in the content shown on the page.

Example: OMC Assets page.

1. Adding the Instafilter to the page

The pane is located within the UQ category for components:

Placeholder text:

This is the text that displays before any filtered term has been inputed.


Typically this is unneeded. But it contains the search within a section of the page.


This is a class name attached to each item that you want to be filtered.

Example(this is used on most vertical content lists): .vertical-list__item


This is a class name attached to each of the sections holding the items.



This is all that is needed to get the instafilter pane working when using it with a vertical content list.