Horizontal content list views are used to automatically display a number of node pages in a horizontal list, based on configurable filters.

View: horizontal content list: latest

This component automatically lists the latest 3 Articles and/or Blog Posts.


 horizontal content list - latest

Step 1

Click Customize this page to add the horizontal content list view component to a panel page.

Customise this page

Step 2

The available regions where components can be added are displayed as blue shaded fields. Click the plus (+) button to open the list of available components grouped by category. 

Click plus to add a component

Step 3

The available components display. Click on the UQ Content Types category and then select the view: horizontal content list: latest t to open the configuration form.


Step 4

The configure new view: horizontal content list: latest  displays.  

  1. Overide title - NOT APPLICABLE 
  2. Num items - retain 3 as the number of items to display 
  3. Offset - retain 0 to skip no items or enter the number of recent items to skip.

Configure horizontal content list view 1 to 3

  1. Type - Select the content type to display. Usually it is Article
  2. Sort by -  Select one of the options.
    Post date - date the content type is saved
    Publication date - date selected on the publication date field on the article content type
    Title - alphabetical ordering by article title.
  3. Order - sort by field can ordered in an ascending or descending order.
  4. Click Finish after completing the configure new view form

configure new view 4-7

Step 5

The system returns to the panel page In-Place Editor.  

  1. Add Pane Styling to edit the display of the component on the panel  page.  Refer to the instructions, Add Pane Style.

  2. Click Save to complete the process of adding the component.

Save panel page