Display features

  • displays page title on a shaded background.

Default page header

Step 1

Click Customize this page to start adding components to a panel page.

Note: the Customize this page button is available because the In-Place Editor renderer was selected when creating the panel page.

Click customise this page

Step 2

The available regions where components can be added are displayed as blue shaded fields. Click the plus (+) button to open the list of available components grouped by category. 

Add a component

Step 3

The available components display. Click on the UQ category and then select the Default Page Header component to open the configuration form.

Select default page header

Step 4

The configuration form for the Default  page header displays.  Click Finish.

Note: The page displays the title recorded when creating the panel page.

Click finish to configure new default page header

Step 5

To add the required CSS, hover the mouse over the plus (+) button and the cog will appear. Click the cog and then click Edit Panel.

Edit the panel

Step 6

Click the right-hand edit cog on the Default page header component. Click CSS properties.

click css properties

Step 7

Enter page__header(page underscore underscore header) in the CSS class field and click Save.

Enter page__header page__header--no-margin(no space between header and next component)

enter page__header

Step 8

Click Update and Save

click update and save

The system returns to the saved panel page.

completed default page header