Select link type, link to anchor in the text  when linking to text on the same page or another page in the local website. Linking to an anchor in the text is a two-stage process.

  1. Create an anchor point on the page
  2. Create a link to the anchor

Step 1

Place the cursor where you want the anchor; this should be at the start of the section you want the link to jump to. Click the Anchor (flag) icon.

Selected text for Anchor

Step 2

Insert a name for the Anchor and click OK. For best cross-browser compatibility this should be plain text and use hyphens instead of spaces.

Name the Anchor

The Anchor point is created.

Anchor in Text

Step 3

Select the link text the user will click on to jump to the anchor point and click the link icon.

Create link for Anchor

Step 4

Change the Link Type to Link to anchor in the text. Select the Anchor by anchor name and click OK and Save the web page.

Select Anchor Name

Anchor text is linked to the anchor point.

Anchor text hyperlinked