Linking to pages on the same site should always use relative path urls. Following the instructions below will insert links that are automatically updated if the page url changes.

Select link type, internal path, when linking to a page on the local site.

Step 1

In the WYSIWYG editor select the text to link. Click the link (WYSIWYG link icon) icon to open the dialog window.

Select linking text

Step 2

Select the option, internal path.

Select link type

Step 3

Select the link type, Internal path. Start typing the name of the page that will be linked to in the Link field.  The system will auto-complete available matches.

Type name of page in link field

Step 4

Select the applicable page and click OK to insert the link. The page name is displayed along with the system reference in brackets.

Click ok

The link is inserted.

Link is inserted


Links such as 'read more' type links can be styled to have a chevron icon beside them by using the follow utility class.
Note that this makes the link sit on its own line so cannot be used for links within a paragraph.


<a href="" class="arrow-link">Read more about links</a> Read more about links