Teams are manually managed groups of people. They can be used to represent organisational structure, research teams, or any other ad-hoc grouping.

It is recommended to create people pages first, and then create the teams to assign them to.

Step 1

In the administration menu, go to Content > Add content > Team.

Add content team page

Step 2

The edit screen displays.

  1. Title - Page title
  2. Description - Optional. DescibDescribeseam's role, purpose, etc.

team create page

  1. Members - Multiple groups of people can be added to a team.
    • Description - Optional. Describes the title, role, function of these members in the team.
    • Members - Entity reference to each Person node. Order is set manually by dragging.

Add team members

  1. Staff group - Optional. Categorise the Team to allow sorting/filtering on listing pages such as the Staff Directory.
  2. Email - Optional. General contact email for the team. e.g.
  3. Phone - Optional. General team phone number.
  4. Location - Optional. Physical location of the team if they are accessible publicly.
  5. Tags - Click the dropdown arrow to select a tag from the list of vocabularies and their terms to categorise the content.

Team Training Staff Grouping and tags image