Assets are documents or external links to documentation that require additional contextual information such as how to use them, when they were last updated, who maintains them.

The UQ Brand guidelines are comprised of several Assets.

Step 1

In the administration menu, go to Content > Add content > Asset.

Step 2

The edit screen displays.

  1. Title - Page title
  2. Description - Content of the page. Provides a description of the Asset file/s and information on how to use them.
  3. Assets - Multiple assets can be added. These can be either a file such as a document, or a link to an external website, or a combination of both.
    • Asset type - The type of asset determines the fields displayed.
  4. Asset type - Categorisation of the Asset page. Displays in teasers and on the page.
  5. Owner - Optional. Assets can be assigned to Teams or People as an owner. The assigned Team or Person will be referenced on the Asset page.
  6. Tags - Click the dropdown arrow to select a tag from the list of vocabularies and their terms to categorise the content.