The Article content type is used for time sensitive information such as media releases, announcements, and news.

Usually, all published articles are displayed on a News listing page within your site.

Step 1

In the administration menu, go to Content > Add content > Article.

Article menu selection

Step 2

The edit screen displays.

  1. Title - Page title of the article
  2. Summary - Optional. Displays in teaser and card views where the article is referenced in a list. Doesn't appear on the Article page.
  3. Body - Content of the article

Article fields 1 to 3

  1. Teaser image - Optional. Displays in card and teaser views. Advice on images.
  2. Hero image - Optional. Replaces the default page header with a hero banner header.

Basic page image fields

  1. Related content - Click Add new paragraph to display the related content paragraph.

click add new paragraph

The paragraph for related content displays 

Title - If required, enter a title which displays above the related content.

Related content - type the first few letters of the title of the content and select the related content.

related content

  1. Tags - Click the dropdown arrow to select a tag from the list of vocabularies and their terms to categorise the content.

article tag

  1. URL path settings - a friendly URL is generated automatically if the tick box remains ticked.

URL path settings

  1. Revision Information - if create new revision remains ticked, a new version of the article is saved each time. The versions are accessible from the revisions tab.

Revision information

  1. Authoring information - The information of the author is recorded. After the article is saved, the "Authored on" field is updated.

authoring information

  1. Publishing options - Click the tab Publishing options to finalise the publishing settings.
    To publish - The published field is automatically ticked. Keep it ticked to publish
     To create a draft - untick published to save as a draft.

publishing options

  1. Save - Click Save to update the article. 
  1. Hero image including the page title
  2. Displays the body field
  3. Related content displays below the article
  4. Tag
  5. Links to previous or next articles

article display layout