From 1 October 2018, The University of Queensland has started moving to a single and consistent brand. ITS Application Development and Support will be progressively updating centrally supported websites and application throughout 2019.

Org units and technical staff maintaining bespoke websites and applications can request assets and guidance for updating themes. We will also add you to our list for updates regarding the ongoing changes.

What has changed

ADS has started rolling out updated header and footer templates with guidance from OMC. These updates currently include the new Logo and UQ Purple colour.

There is no requirement for websites and applications to be immediately 100% compliant. ADS will continue to work with OMC to progressively roll out updates that ensure that all elements of the brand toolkit are being applied correctly.

ADS and OMC to review all brand updates.

  • It is very important that we ensure the best possible outcome and maintain the brand integrity.
  • We will endeavour to review material quickly, but there will be periods of high demand, so we would recommend allowing up to a week for a response.

We recommend not updating additional colours or assets on websites until advised by ADS.

Recommended Process

  1. Request updated web “one brand” assets from ADS, send an email request.
  2. Create an updated development version of your site or application
  3. Provide ADS with access to the development version to review and feedback.
  4. Once approved by ADS and your own internal process make your changes live.

The assets provided will include:

  • The latest download of theme “UQ Standard”
  • A sample header and footer file.
  • Compiled CSS and JS files.

The sample files include links to our version controlled assets.

  • UQ logo
  • Roboto fonts


  • You may wish to remove unused JS and CSS to lighten load times and reduce errors.
  • If you need an alternative option or are styling a third party application with limited template options, we can provide bespoke assets and solutions.

Request Assets

Include the following information.

  • Is it a new or existing website
  • What is the URL
  • Person or org unit that owns the website
    • Key contact for liaising
    • Who will be approving final changes
  • Timeline for making changes

You can request branded assets for your website by emailing